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Carl Savino, ( Chatham, New Jersey )

“It is unbelievable to think that I am pain-free after all those years.”

“By the time I was 22, my left hip was filled with arthritis. Sports were out of the question, even simple things like jogging and golfing. In the meantime, I put up with the pain and led a boring lifestyle. Eventually my right hip, which I favored because my left hip was so bad, began hurting too. I finally made an appointment with a Stryker orthopedic specialist. It’s been 15 months since my two total hip replacements, and my life has improved tremendously. I no longer take painkillers. I’m able to do more things. I play golf. I walk more. I recently started horseback riding. And the best thing is, I’m pain-free.”

Verified Patient


Pam D. ( Short Hills, New Jersey )

Dr Rieber has been a G-d send. Where other orthopedic guys wanted to just operate, he took his time and cured me with a conservative approach. My husband however, needed an operation (Total Hip), and never had a day of pain and was the star in physical therapy. 

great great great!!


Verified Patient


Joseph P. ( Short Hills, New Jersey )

I am totally impressed with the capabilities and professional expertise exhibited by Dr. Rieber in his diagnosis, treatment, operational skills and post-operative responsiveness relative to my total knee replacement procedure. His skill, dedication and knowledge made the entire process extremely comfortable and enjoyable.

Verified Patient


Justin F. ( Morristown , New Jersey )

I’m so glad i found Doc Rieber! I came to my appointment in so 

much pain but after one iovera treatment i left the office 

without pain the same day. Thanks!


Verified Patient


David R. ( Montclair, New Jersey )

Doc Rieber and staff really are the best around. I went for a second opinion on my shoulder. I knew that he was the one that would be able to stop my shoulder from dislocating. Fast forward. I'm throwing like I was 18 again. He's the man. Thanks Dr Rieber.

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