Custom Fit Knee Replacement


This procedure utilizes the most advanced techniques in joint replacement therapy today to give patients a natural fitting and feeling corrective solution. This unique approach lets your orthopedic surgeon provide highly precise operative care, which often results in a shorter recovery time and faster return to routine activities. When executing your custom fit knee replacement, Dr. Rieber will likely begin the specialized treatment process a few weeks before the actual day of surgery.

The Custom Fit Knee Approach

An MRI exam is the first step in custom fit knee replacement, and allows for the precise measuring of your knee and its components. From the MRI image, a three-dimensional model of your natural knee will be created so a nearly exact replica can be made. Computer software is then used to ‘correct’ the virtual joint by removing any deformities or other damage that is creating pain or limiting your physical performance.

The accurate virtual joint image is then used to identify the correct size and precise location of the implant for your upcoming knee replacement surgery. The image, sizing specifications, and placement guidelines are applied together to create of a set of customized, and extremely advanced guides for use in your operation.

Surgery and Implant Process

At the beginning of the procedure, your orthopaedic surgeon will apply the cutting guides within the treatment area with pins. Next, through computer-determined guide slots, precise cuts are made to the bone, which in turn allows for successful prosthesis placement. In most cases, the small cuts are pre-calculated within factions of a millimeter, which allow for the most precise schematics possible.

When the cutting phase is over, a trial implant is used to test and select appropriate size tibial inserts. When accurate fit and balance are achieved, the true knee implant is positioned and adhered with bone cement.

One-of-a-Kind Fit

This high-tech MRI and computer-based method for cutting guide creation allows for each knee to be appropriately aligned providing unique support for each recipient. This extreme precision creates the most natural feel and performance possible and increases the patient's comfort and overall procedure satisfaction. Recipients of custom fit knee replacements also report faster recovery times, because the amount of pre-op detail makes for less invasive operations and more predictable outcomes.

Post-Op Recovery

While custom fit knee replacements often mean a faster than normal recovery time, patients should still take adequate protective care, especially immediately following surgery. Your surgeon will likely prescribe a combination of antibiotic and physical therapies that prevent short-term infection and thereby enabling long-term recovery. If any of the issues indicated below should arise, contact your physician immediately:

• Fever and/or chills

• Atypical redness or warmth in the treatment area

• Increased pain in the knee and/or calf muscle

• Significant swelling

Our orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Rieber, has trained extensively in custom-fit knee replacement, and provides specialized care for each of his patients. To learn more about the procedure or schedule an appointment, contact our Livingston NJ office at 973-322-7400

How It Works: Custom Fit Knee Replacement

Step 1: An MRI is performed to take very precise measurements of the patient’s own knee.

Step 2: Special computer software uses the MRI to build a 3-D model of that patient’s arthritic knee. It then virtually corrects the deformity to restore the knee anatomy to normal.


Step 3: A computerized 3-D image of the implant to be used in the patient’s surgery is then ShapeMatched to the anatomically correct model. This helps determine the exact size and placement of the implant, based on the patient’s own “normal” anatomy.

Step 4: Using all of this information, special cutting guides are then created for the surgeon to use during the procedure

The Results: A custom fit knee replacement designed specifically for the inpidual patient

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