Minimally Invasive Shoulder Surgery


The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint that can be easily injured because of its inherent lack of stability. The femur (upper arm bone) connects to the shoulder blade by fitting snuggly within the glenoid cavity, which is located in the scapula and allows the femoral head to rotate freely.

A ring of cartilage called the labrum lines the glenohumeral joint and provides additional stability. If this cartilage is damaged however, significant shoulder pain can be experienced that often leads to surgery.

Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder surgery was first performed in the United States in 1953 with great success and has since become one of the safest and most common surgeries performed today. Surgeons have refined the procedure over the years by utilizing new techniques, such as arthroscopy and other minimally invasive procedures, and can now provide patients with the greatest amount of comfort possible.

Shoulder replacement surgery – both total and partial replacement – can be accomplished in a minimally invasive manner. Total shoulder replacement surgery is when the end of the femur is completely replaced with a new femoral head component. The glenoid is then cleaned of any diseased bone or cartilage and capped with a concave component. In partial shoulder replacement (hemi-replacement) only the replacement of the humeral head is required.

Indications for MIS Shoulder Surgery

The most common indications for minimally invasive shoulder replacement surgery is one of two things: chronic arthritic shoulder pain, or an injury that cannot be treated using noninvasive treatments like RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation), physical therapy or anti-inflammatory medications. Your surgeon will use x-rays and imaging tests to determine the severity of the injury or arthritic condition of the shoulder joint and may recommend surgery.

Orthopedic Excellence in New Jersey

Only a trained orthopedic surgeon can best determine when a patient needs a joint replacement and if that patient is a candidate for minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Rieber is fellowship-trained in sports medicine and has extensive experience employing minimally invasive surgical procedures to get athletes game-ready as quickly and safely as possible. To learn more about Dr. Rieber, visit his biography page, or schedule an appointment at his Newark, New Jersey office or Springfield, New Jersey office. You don't have to live with joint pain; get the treatment you need today.

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