Orthopedic Surgery for Work-Related Injuries - Workers Compensation


Dr. Rieber Knows Work-Related Injuries

Dr. Rieber knows work-related injuries. Once he assesses the extent of an employee's injury, he provides detailed,accurate, timely reports to you and your insurance carriers. What's more, we give you the most cost-effective workers' compensation claim care by designing nonoperative treatment plans aimed at rapid rehabilitation and recovery. Expensive surgery is a last resort for the employee and the employer.

A Commitment to Excellence in Patient Care

Joint Replacement & Arthritis Center – We use physical therapy, bracing, viscosupplementation therapy and total hip, knee and shoulder joint replacement, when necessary. Our expert team is led by Michael H. Rieber, MD, FACS. Sports Medicine Center – We use minimally invasive arthroscopic knee and shoulder reconstructive procedures for athletes and occupational injuries. We emphasize inpidual care and treatment tailored to your specific sport or work activity level.

We Go the Extra Mile for Case Managers

Our workers' compensation liaison facilitates communication between case managers and physicians, saving you time and effort. Your questions are answered quickly and efficiently by people who understand your needs exactly.

Rapid Recovery Starts with Orthopaedics Unlimited

The next time an employee gets hurt on the job, or you need information about the management of a workers' compensation case, call us. Often, we can see the injured worker the same day and return them to work fast. Whether you are a case manager, an employer or an insurance adjustor, we'll save you time and money along the way. Call us for an appointment today.

The Cost of Time

Work-related injuries cost American businesses millions of lost hours and billions of dollars in lost productivity each year. In New Jersey, there were more than 58,000 lost workday cases in 1999 alone. Each workers' compensation case creates hours upon hours of lost time.Employers lose the services of a valued member of the team. But you also lose crucial productivity from supervisors and administrative staff who must manage the injured employee's claims paperwork, scheduling problems and loss of services. More time is lost from other employees who must take up the injured worker's slack and fill in, if necessary to maintain productivity. It all adds up to billions of dollars in lost or reduced productivity and it hurts business in more ways than you can imagine.

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